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Ashley Manning

Founder, CEO

I swim with sharks, I set outrageous goals...

I’m driven by an enduring and consistent sense of mission to create meaningful experiences that redefine the standard of excellence for customers and competitors.


For the past 10+ years I've had the opportunity to cultivate a rich digital background as an entrepreneur and trusted consultant, solving for a robust collection of marketing challenges for emerging brands and fortune 500 companies.


I'm an innovative thought leader with a proven track record of success in marketing, analytics and data science, product development and strategic business planning. My goal is to empower brands to interact uniquely with each customer at scale, delivering engaging experiences that drive great business results.

Timothy Moore

UI/UX, Creative Dir




Timothy Moore is a seasoned award winning digital media developer with over 10 years of experience based in Jersey City, NJ.


His background has been one focused on creating solutions that didn’t previously exist. Tim has brought intellectual property to start ups, with work directly resulting in multi million dollar funding for 2 companies. In his past as an agency creative, he's received several awards for design excellence.


Tim's specialty has always been a strong emphasis in visual design and user experience. He's very strong in developing functionality front to back within the confines of what’s doable within the current state of technology and budget.

Our Philosophy

• To serve and respect the client, the consumer and the community.

• To produce high quality work and best results for the client.

• To create good advertising that sells and meets client needs.

• To constantly innovate, evolve, learn, grow and prosper.

• To always work with passion and nothing less.


We Love What we do

We are a deliberately small team of smart, friendly, and hard working industry veterans based in New Jersey, with friends and colleagues all over the world. We conceive, design, write, and build digital products, marketing campaigns & more. Our goal is to provide more-personal-than-big-agency attention to our clients, politics-free consultation, and meticulous design and development, at a reasonable cost.

How We Roll

Working with clients in the real world will always be a balancing act between business goals, budgetary requirements, market realities, competition, customer needs, customer expectations, and technological limitations. Anybody that tells you different is lying.

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