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Driving Traffic to Email Marketing & Paid Media

The site was launched in May 2007. Since its debut, the site has averaged approximately 100 visitors/day. Concerted efforts have been made to optimize visibility on organic and paid media searches.


  • Increase site visitation from non-users

  • Increase sample requests and registration

  • Generate brand awareness


  • Develop an email campaign to avid golfers that have had little to no exposure to Amino Vital.

  • Campaign should serve as an introduction to the brand, product positioning and product benefits.


  • Due to budget and performance, the content network has been severely restricted to allow visibility on the search network.

  • If budget allows, content network will slowly be reintroduced into account based on performance.

  • Within Search, budgets have been redistributed amongst existing campaigns to allow for search induced conversion points.

  • AminoVital branded keywords have been added to the account.

  • The AminoVital brand Campaign (not golf specific) has also been added.

  • Keyword additions have been implemented into the account.

  • Underperforming adgroups such as golf towel have been inactivated.

  • Creatives have been modified to increase click through rate and improve appearance.

  • Max bids have been aggressively raised to maximize visibility on converters.

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