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Achieving a Consistent Competitive Advantage in Search and Other Auction-Based Media for J.Jill

Achieving a consistent competitive advantage in search and other auction-based media (contextual, behavioral, integration with other media, etc.)


  • Maintain efficiency while growing revenueProfitability/efficiency vs. targets.

  • IHighly efficient real-time bidding (Maestro™).

  • Streamline the account, which entails identification of efficiencies/opportunities within Google.


  • Cutting wasteful keyword spend across campaigns

  • Update irrelevant landing pages, delete low CTR ads and modify incorrect copy (i.e. misspellings, poor grammar etc.). As a result we saw an increase in conversion rate.

  • Add/modify match types (i.e. add negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant traffic). This aided in decreasing irrelevant traffic, which also contributed to the increase in conversion rate.

  • Refining Google’s campaign structure and elements of campaigns based on knowledge of J.Jill’s business and site map. This will allow for identification of keyword expansion opportunity, increase relevancy within groups and prepare for Content Network activation and decrease CPCs.

  • Fine-tuning creatives, keyword groups, keyword level bids/positions, etc.



  • Comparing December 2005 to December 2006, there is a 152% increase in the amount of revenue generated, while spend only increased by 29%

  • Between September and October there was a 19% decrease in the amount spent in search, while the revenue Climbs 64% to its all time high.

  • We see a decrease in the ROI after October, as this was when the content network was introduced to the account. Overall, conversions remain consistent.

  • The conversion rate increasing month over month and is beginning to stabilize.

  • •The CPO increase is due to increased brand competition combined with an increase in December spend, clicks & impressions.

  • There was a decline in CTR due to the increased impressions from the Content Network.

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