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Thou Shall Market In Real Time

Our growing number of mobile devices and increasing internet speed has made information readily available, literally at our fingertips, no matter where we are. As a result, our sense of immediacy has turned into an expectation of immediacy.

What’s the benefit?

Real-time marketing allows you to provide the type and speed of information your target audience is looking for in 2017.

  • Quickly provide your audience with offers, events, and information about your business.

  • Instantly reach with your audience at the moments they are most likely to engage

This ultimately offers your audience more opportunities to engage with and deepen their connection to your business.

How do I start?

Social media makes it easy. Put out quick and bite sized bits of content that users can digest easily, access quickly, and remember.

  • NEWSFEEDS Post photos or videos of new products and services, customer reactions and testimonials, or pre-event setup.

  • LIVESTREAMS Use Facebook Live to live stream a grand opening with a promotion to get nearby followers to stop in.

  • STORIES Create Instagram or Snapchat stories around the dayto-day in your office, to give followers a behind the scenes look.

  • TIME-LIMITED OFFERS Host a one day sale or contest with a deadline.

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